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Operating nationwide, Our house removals company provides a very reliable house removals between London and Bradford. For busy families and businesses or for those who simply need a helping hand, our removal men also offer options for full packing and unpacking services. Should you wish to pack your own belongings in advance of our arrival, we offer packing supplies at discounted rates to save you money.

Before transporting your goods, we’ll make sure everything is properly wrapped and secured. You’ll receive an inventory list to verify receipt of your belongings at your destination.


Moving Advice:

5 weeks before you move, have you:

Chosen your mover and signed the acceptance note?Sorted through basement, loft and garage?Resolved what to do with prohibited items?Made proper provision for pets?Decided whether or not you are taking your car?

4 weeks before your move, have you:
Disposed of the things you don’t want to take?

3 weeks before you move, have you:
Started to prepare your mailing list of people who need your change of address?Notified banks, savings accounts, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, and hire purchase and rental companies?Started to round up passports, birth/marriage certificates and other family documentation?Applied for any necessary visas?Checked that electrical goods will work in your new home?

2 weeks before you move, have you:
Separated favorite toys?Made sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date?Arranged for mail to be forwarded?Decided whether or not to buy any new household goods – check tax refunds.

1 week before you move, have you:
Decided which clothes travel with you?Started to dismantle climbing frames/garden furniture?Agreed an insurance value and terms with your mover?Made arrangements of connection of services at your new home?Returning library books.Canceled milk, newspapers, and subscriptions.Found new homes for your plants.

3 days before your move, have you:
Defrosted the refrigerator/freezerPlanned simple meals for moving day to avoid using appliances.Separated luggage items you need for personal travel.Cleaned garden tools, bicycles and any other gardening equipment.Emptied the tanks of powered tools such as mowers.Checked you have enough medication for at least two weeks, and ensure you have copies of any necessary prescriptions for use at destination.Collected travelers’ checks or local currency.Arranged for someone to look after the children on moving day.

Moving day:



Reliable Movers realises that customers cannot always pick up the phone and give us a call. If you are at work or are making an enquiry out of office hours then please use the form below and we will reply to you shortly.






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Commercial Move

Moving your business can feel like a nightmare. Business is interrupted. Files can be lost. Equipment might be damaged in the move. It feels like moving will be one big disaster that costs your business too much money. Let our professional commercial moving team at reliable movers turn the nightmare into a dream experience. Our professionals are cooperative, attentive, and trained to handle business relocation effectively. We can set your mind at ease with a very firm cost estimate by one of our professionals who visits your site. From the first moment you call, you will talk to a real, live person. Our customer service representatives are bright and articulate. They can help you schedule a consultation and estimate for the moving job as well as answer your questions and concerns  . >>>LEARN MORE..




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Residential Move

For most of us, the items in our homes are an extension of who we are. We choose to fill our homes with mementos of experiences and relations, treasured investments, priceless heirlooms and sentimental items, and practical belongings that make our lives easier and richer. When it comes time to move, many of us feel an enormous amount of anxiety or stress when we think about having to pack up all of our stuff and move it to another residence. While we may be excited about the prospect of a new home, the sheer time it takes to move make us dread moving day. Residential moving professionals at Low cost moving service. can help erase that stress. >>>LEARN MORE..